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Kraft Müller 20 Ton Hydraulic Workshop Press

20 Ton Hydraulic Workshop Press KRAFTMULLER

★ Welded frame, solid and durable construction.

★ Suitable for pressing, bending, straightening, mounting and dismounting of bearings, shafts, etc.

★ Press equipped with a pressure gauge which indicates the pressure force.

★ Actuation of the cylinder by a hand pump.

★ Perfect complement for workshops, garages, schools, agricultural facilities.

★ Multi-use for maintenance and assembly of parts.

★ Solid cylinder with a single step and adjustable horizontally.

★ Automatic return of the piston.

★ Adjustable table height. Power: 20 T

20 Ton Hydraulic Workshop Press KRAFTMULLER 2

Life time Warranty :
Kraft Müller is the latest brand of Hand Tool to hit Europe for Years, Trusted and used by Professionals.

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