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Workshop trolley 7-5

5 drawers are furnished with 277 pieces.

  • 1 for socket wrenches with three ratchets
  • 1 with screwdrivers
  • 1 with ratchet eye keys
  • 1 with T-BTR keys
  • 1 with pliers and hammers and the two bottom drawers are provided for your personal tools, drill, grinder ect …

On the side a lockable door for other storage, the drawers also lock.
The top is preformed to receive the objects to be deposited, four very solid wheels, two of which are swivel and one with brake, allow easy maneuvering.

Dimensions: L 76 cm, L with handle 84, W 46 cm, H 87 cm

Workshop trolley 7-5
Workshop trolley 7-5
Workshop trolley 7-5

Life time Warranty
Kraft Müller is the latest brand of Hand Tool to hit Europe for Years, Trusted and used by Professionals