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Kraft Müller Engine Mounting | Maximum load 500 kg, Double Chain

KRAFTMULLER Engine Mounting | Maximum load 500 kg, Double Chain

Motor support bar: for assembly and disassembly of motor and transmission up to 500 kg. Robust motor support bar capable of supporting loads up to 500 kg Including side wing rubber cover Sturdy rods and rods 360° swivel feet Swivel height adjustment with manual knobs Adjustable wing height adjustment continuous Two holding hooks with a threaded rod of approx. 16 mm

Technical information:

★ Dimensions (L / W / H): approx. 149/12/9 cm

★ Total length: approx. 151 cm

★ Width of the motor support bar: approx. 6.5 cm

★ Weight: approx. 14,8 kg

★ Maximum load capacity: approx. 500 kg

★ Length of the chain: approx. 65 cm

★ Material: steel alloy

Life time Warranty :
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