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inverter welding machine

Kraft Muller Inverter 250 Amp Welder

News :
Compact carrying handle for welding electrodes
suitable for electrodes from 1.6 mm to 4.0 mm
output 20A to 250A
anti adhesive
Life time: 100% 193A
Life time: 60% at 250A
90 mm fan,
low loss IGBT technology
Consumption of 6.5 kVA
Dimensions: 38 x 17 x 30 cm
Connection cable: 2 meters
Mass cable: 2 meters
Electrode cable: 2 meters
230V / 50Hz, operation of the socket
Weight: about 5 kg

Automatic welding mask Welding mask Welding Automatic darkening

Made of high quality material, with high definition screen, you can clearly observe the soldering points to ensure the quality of the weld.

During the welding process, the screen can automatically change color depending on the sunlight, which completely avoids the harmful rays of ultraviolet and infrared rays and the eye damage caused by the glow of the solder should not be adjusted. Helmet in hand, very comfortable and safe to use.

Smart design: response time (from dark to light): 0.15-0.8s

Sensitivity: adjustable, low / high

Variable shade: DIN.9-13

Adjustable to your face

Dimension: 340 x 330 x 220mm

Working temperature: -5-55ºC

Battery: solar cells and lithium battery (integrated), energy saving

The size of the helmet is adjustable and suitable for different people.

Fashion design, super light, very stable and durable.